Hello I'm new to drop shipping how do I get started and how to dropship on ebay with no money?

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Lot of factors to consider. I just started drop shipping and I have had good luck so far thanks to Ask4drop.com dropshipping forum. However here are some issues I have encountered as far as money goes, you should get an eBay store (not really necessary when you're first starting out) it'll cost you like $20 a month or so, determine what products you want to sell and at what price range but remember, you have to front the money because eBay holds funds when you're new, my issue right now is I have 800 and some odd dollars sitting in PayPal because eBay has a hold on it. Example: if you want to sell a 100 dollar item for 150 and you only have 300 in the bank you can only sell it 3 times in 21 days (eBay's hold period) before you run out of money. Hope this helps . You can do dropship on ebay with no money.

Hey guys im new here i just started a drop shipping
Ebay store. But im currently using my personal account ive been using this account since 2014.
I have good purchase feedback and i have sold a couple of personal items but that’s pretty much it. Should i keep using this account or start a with a new account?
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