1.Do I need to register somewhere before starting dropshipping on ebay so it's legal or something?

2.How is sales tax paid, does ebay or paypal cutt it off on every transaction or is it paid manually?

3.Is dropshipping on ebay legal?

Is it legal for a non US resident to do dropshipping in the US? When it comes to tax how you guys deal with that? Tell me the truth please, I want to know.

2 Answers

If u r not a US resident, u don't hv to pay tax to d IRS. U probably may need to pay tax to yr own country tax dept if it's required by law.

No nothing needs to be registered. Just start a personal account. The business account is for advanced sellers and fees do apply with it. The personal account gives you selling limits but they be lifted upon request after being verified, so be honest with your information wen creating the account. (That doesn’t mean you have to tell them your a drop shipper)

2. And i believe it’s all manual. Maybe someone else can provide more information with that question.

  • Dropshipping on ebay is legal or no?
I'm from Morocco. Do I need a legal business registration to start Amazon Dropshipping / Private lable Dropshipping ? Please. Any moroccan Dropshipper?
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