Anyone in uk with experience using zooplus as supplier ? Just made my first sale with them. New to using any companies outside of amazon. First one with Screwfix yesturday did not go well customer was not happy. Dropshipping from Zooplus to ebay .

I've been using this company since January, and they came recommended by the good people in this forum.
beware of zooplus, i had few bulky orders cancelled without seeing money back... their online stocks does not correspond to their offline availability... customer service has no clue of helping you and financial department is rude and incompetent... KEEP AWAY
Shipping prices on zooplus.co.uk has been changed
shipping fee is now 3.49 if yodel, 3.99 if DPD, it has been changed from the previous 2.99
Free shipping over 29 pounds has remained the same.

2 Answers

If you are using Zooplus as a supplier remember that items under 9GBP are not allowed for a single purchase. That’s items value and it doesn’t include any shipping.

You don’t want to list those items at your store as you will have to buy them combined with other small products that can potentially eat all of your profit on the sale.
how do you upload and monitor zooplus items?

how are you dropshipping products from zooplus, when they do not offer a plain package?
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