How do you guys get multiple eBay accounts? Since there are seller limits.
Is it advisable to have multiple accounts? Should i use VPN?
I have got 3 ebay accounts and never had to use a vpn.
I want to ask about opening multiple eBay accounts in the same device & IP .
Sure I will use a different email address but the PayPal will be the same also other personal information.
Is it save or eBay will suspend my accounts !!!!
I see many don't advice that .
And other say you can open up to 8 accounts with the same PayPal !!!
What it the solution according to eBay Policy ?
I want to take this step but I am afraid from being suspended.
Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

There is nothing to stop you opening multiple accounts but eBay will know they are all yours regardless of IP / PayPal accounts or email addresses. It's a good strategy is you want to have specialist stores selling different products but if you are hoping to have reserve accounts in case one gets suspended it won't work if they suspend one they will suspend all the linked accounts
Multiple accounts on ebay is really not allowed especially if you are selling the same thing on all accounts. It would be best also to use different paypal account on each ebay account so if an issue arises with one account then your other accounts wont be involved too because ebay has a way to checked linked accounts if you will use same paypal and it will really cause some troubles.
Yeah, Ebay allows you to have multiple accounts. Just make sure if there's any restrictions on one account, that both accounts are cleared from the defects after resolving the issue
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