I seek for hiring eBay VAs but there seems to be high range of prices and ways of paying them.
1. I consider paying per listing instead of per hour. Any other suggestion?
2. Should I try upwork or freelancer? They have monitoring systems and feedback/reviews and more safe but I suppose they are more expensive?
We start at $2.00/hr with a 15% increase after 30 days. Mine are the Philippines and we also offer the 13th month which is like a Christmas bonus

3 Answers

I only have a VA for listing items on Amazon. $4 p/h would be the minimum in my country. However, I pay per listing rather than per hour.
for people who pay their VA’s by hour, how many hours do you have them work per day? And what happens if they run out of work to do before those hours are up?

How does the amount you pay them compare to if you would pay them by month instead of by hour?

Which payment method is usually preferred, both by employers and VA’s?

I’m trying to get a better sense of the general market conditions for VA’s. I personally pay mine monthly, and don’t usually specify specific hours they have to work, but I’m curious about what other people do.
I pay hourly and they work 8 hrs/day M-F. I prefer paying them weekly (In case they decide to go MIA then I don't lose a whole months wages). My VA prefers that I pay every Friday and thats ok by me.
How much do you pay your VA to post each listing and do they have access to your account on ebay/amazon (which I am sure they have to to list the item).

How can you trust them that they won't screw you over? Any horror stories and how can we find the best VA's?
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