Is anyone doing aliexpress to eBay dropshipping? There seems to be people that are into it and others that claim it does not worth it because of high risk/negatives/bad items/long shipping times etc.
Should I try it, or just forget it?
Thank you
Aliexpress is not good for ebay dropshpping for the simple fact that it can take longer than 30 days sometimes for your buyer to receive the item, which is actually against eBay terms. The longer shipping times are a pretty serious deterrent from a buyer's point of view. You're better off dropshipping from more expensive suppliers and just marking it up and optimizing your titles.
if you are a newbie stay away from ali express. or run the risk of getting your ebay account suspended. check out the file section of this group for recommendations on which US suppliers to use :). learn this business first before you even consider looking at ali express

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Aliexpress has many lousy sellers. Especially the cheaper ones. They don't reply your messages and their handling time is 5-8 days. This is far too long, especially because ePacket usually takes 3 weeks+. So it is important to ship out fast, but these guys don't. I just had to cancel an order because the seller took too long. Funny thing is after I cancel, he finally replied and said he would send out. I told him NO...I had to buy a higher priced one but that seller shipped next day.
There are 1,000 of products out there that are selling. I have come across many people whose accounts have been suspended and lost due to using ali. You just have to find them :) go by the seasons and check out what is trending at the moment. keep in mind we have halloween fast approaching and then christmas. So look for products that are related
I don't believe you can drop ship and compete with Chinese sellers. I mean the products come from China. To compete with chines dropshipping you have to order the products in bulk and sell at a higher price on ebay, and yes the faster shipping time will get you sails,but you will never make more sales than the chinese
Beginning, we use Aliexpress, because it is cheap. Now we do not use it.

Because we experienced with these headache:

1.Difficult to talk with different vendors

2.Different products in one parcel, and save shipping

3.Aliexpress will not be cheap anymore

4. Too much competitor when scaling up

5.Reject your payment

6.Long processing time

7.Bad communication
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