Is Germany now like UK, needing VAT?
I have few questions in mind.

1) Should I open my ebay account as on US ebay website? If yes, should I put my personal details and address and country as Germany? If I do that, I am redirected to ebay.de (German ebay), what should I do?

2) Should my paypal be from US? I have paypal.de account, is it fine?

3) If I dropship from walmart or amazon, can I ask them to remove the invoices and receipts etc?

1 Answer

you never said what marketplace you are selling on, is it ebay.co.uk into the UK or ebay.com into the US? Because if you want to sell on ebay.co.uk you have to also comply with UK VAT laws and VAT register in the UK immediately, if it's ebay.com like i do ( i'm also in the EU ) then you should only really care about your domestic laws and Germany-US tax treaty mostly to do with your income taxes.

Also always use prime.
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