Hey, I wonder if paying extra ads for eBay worth it. We already pay eBay for traffic. Is it worth it to pay them extra for sponsored listings?

Why do you want to advertise on ebay? Unless you are the only seller selling a particular good product, any advertising you do also helps all your competitors. You pay for the ad, they get your ad for free. They see your ad and lower their prices to beat you and they get the sale while you pay for the add. Advertising is only good when you are advertising your own website

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When you Run a sponsored listing your listing will show twice, once organic once sponsored. Use the item number and use advance search to check if it is working - where the sponsored listing displays in search will depend on your ad rate and how much competition there is
You just pay eBay more fee and they’ll show your listings to more buyer as a sponsored listing, it’s like running ads inside eBay
Essentially I gave eBay 1% of my sale for EVERY item in my stored, while raising the prices of all my items to compensate for it. You can watch how many click your items get and the sales as well. Once an item sells once, it just seems to keep selling and I can see my sell through getting higher as new items sell.
Yes it's working fine for me. I'd give .5% but the lowest is 1%. I'm doing nowhere near what some people on here claim, but this is my results in last 20 days as far as promotions go. Note: If your top rated seller eBay credits you $30 a month for promotions (Ad Fees), but I lost that thanks to AMAZON shipping
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