Hi I'm confused. How much do they keep (final value fees, commissions etc)? Seems it's not fixed, and depends from the country?
After 10% eBay fee + 6% PayPal fee = 16% breakeven There is no much space for more than 2.5% profit to keep reasonable prices (eBay store and amazon monthly fee not included)
I aim for minimum 10% profit on all listings. I factor in cost, eBay/PayPal fees, taxes and shipping if applicable. I use the calculator previously mentioned and change the selling price until it shows the 10% I’m looking for. Based on possible optimization and competition I’m able often to find 20-30% profit margins.
if that’s the margin I’m aiming for yeah. For some products I only aim for 10%. I use the fee calculator to determine my price. If I feel like I can reasonably get 20% I change the “ buy it now price” in the calculator till it shows a 20% profit. My 20% is based on item cost, taxes and shipping combined. Once I find that number I “play” with the calculator, which inputs my fees , until I get my determined number.

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