Hey, I consider doing some WM since it has low prices and different products from AMZ, but I hear stories of being unfriendly enough with the dropshippers, let alone with the Non US citizens. Any insights?
I'm a Greek dropshipper using Walmart as one of my main sources. Today I received this error message whilst trying to pay for an order using my swedish paypal. I have been able to purchase with my swedish paypal before without any problem, so I guess this is something new Walmart is up to.
I just wanted to hear if anyone else, who's an international dropshipper using Walmart, is experiencing the same issue?
Regarding Walmart cancellations: Has anyone noticed any correlation with cancellations and the size of items? I’ve gotten multiple vacuum cleaners cancelled, but nothing cancelled that has been small. I was just curious about others’ experiences. (The reason they say it’s being cancelled is “quantity limit.) My theory is that it’s harder for them to keep as many large items in stock bc they take up more room, and they can’t plan their warehouse stock as well when drop shippers are buying items in bulk. This is total speculation, of course. Thoughts?
I’ve dropshipped like a 100 items on Walmart. Yes they cancel a lot but once u get through the system and stuff , they’ll stop cancelling.
Could you expand on what their system is ? Signing on as a walmart member/customer ?

3 Answers

All the sites have deals, you just have to find them. The nature of the business is that there's always going to be deals, because sites get their inventory from suppliers at different price points.

Some sites are more friendly to drop shippers than others -- walmart has a history of cancelling your purchases if they suspect you're drop shipping. Amazon does not care, they're happy to send it anywhere you want as often as you want as long as you pay for shipping -- don't use prime to get free shipping, but you can definitely get free standard shipping with products > $25. Overstock, Best Buys, and about a thousand others I know of are all happy to sell sell sell and then sell some more and don't care where you send their stuff.

Conclusion: deals for drop shipping will ALWAYS be easy to find with the right tools
I have a tax exempt account with Walmart, purpose=resale. But I have had mine for 2 years now. Could be a new thing. Anyways, Walmart margins suck man. Honestly, I would focus elsewhere.
eBay will remove the feedback BUT it will still count against you

buuuut don't worry too much because 1) feedback doesn't matter as much as people think it is (Although, when sales slow down, you are gonna SWEAR your recent bad feedback is causing it)

And 2) Feedback is easy to get revised to neutral or positive.

If you want to get the feedback revised, you need to "correct" the situation with the buyer.

Since they weren't happy you sent the item from walmart, I'd say something like

"Hey there. I saw your recent feedback about the item coming from walmart. Many of my items are purchased online. I was not trying to fool anybody. Please start a return case on your item and I will provide you a prepaid return label AND a full refund"

Most buyers are angry because they THINK that you are actively trying to scam them. Show the dude you are willing to work with him and you'll get better responses from him. Unless hes one of the few genuine pricks out there.

Then, once the return is done (or once you've at least had a conversation where the guy is a little less angry)

Go to the feedback forum on eBay and submit a request for the guy to revise his feedback. Ask him something like this:

"Hey. I have provided you with a return label to resolve the situation. I want my buyers to be happy. I had no intention of fooling you. If you could revise the feedback to neutral, I would really appreciate it"

You'll find that if you time your feedback revisions correctly by 1) providing a resolution and 2) waiting a few days after the resolution, you'll be able to convert 50% - 75% of the negative feedback you receive to neutral or positive
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