eBay has blocked my eBay account. I consider turning to the "dark" side, with PayPal and eBay ghost stuff...
Any places?
HI guys, have any of you had any experience with dropshipping on *stlth* accounts ? I'm from Romania and eBay autobans every account I create even though I've never sold anything there.

I want to know how productive dropshipping on stealth accounts is since if you hit any bump with a stealth account you're pretty much done for since you can't call or anything.
I have an US stealth account and today I got this message from paypal asking for my SSN, I am not a US resident.
What can I do in this case?

1 Answer

Try changing the main email on your paypal then start a new ebay account. That is what I did and it worked. The new ebay must be stealth not your paypal. If paypal ever banned you or suspended then you would have to do a new paypal and a new ebay.
opened a 2nd Ebay account yesterday using the same infos as the first one, except the email and account name.
Woke up to find out Ebay has suspended the new account and restricted the first account (because of the 2nd)...
Is this a normal procedure? Or did i do something wrong while opening the 2nd that i should change before calling Ebay?
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