Hey guys I have a few pricing strategy questions I’m having trouble finding laid out explicitly in videos.:

1. I’m struggling to find anything with real margin. Takes me a long time probably due to my newness. Do you guys price at break even until you generate sales and then slowly raise the price? Or do you go even lower and take a small loss?

2. If you have Tax Exemption from your suppliers, do you still calculate Taxes toward your break even? How much?

3. Do you take into consideration all competitors for a set of keywords or only the competitor from whom you’re sniping the listing? (Assuming you use the sniping method)

1 Answer


My sales tanked in early August so I dropped all my prices to basically what you are speaking of, break even in most cases but I’m still only getting two to four sales a day with this method. My last effort with this account will be raising prices and promoting at 10%.

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