as some of you may know Amazon introduced 'auto-intergrate' so when you listed on UK it would duplicate the listing into DE/IT/FR/ES also.
that software is hit and miss, for instance is may move all the Children listings over but not the mother.
and approx 50% of the listings never make it.

it is very hard to keep track of.
what makes it worse is its speradic and it can move a listing over after weeks, and somtimes straight away, so you would have to wait at least a month before generating the data. of which ASIN's made it over.

it may work out better to turn it off, but how can i do this when its doing my job for me and making so many listings, all translated etc,

i called Amz they said they just relaesed it and it is improving that was around 1 Year ago.

so 2 questions.

is there any way to track which items have been sucessfully moved across to the other marketplaces
and 2. sometimes Amz intergrates the Desctiptions into the other EU countries,
it Changes the Language into the Respective Marketplace.

may sound stupid, but with the Key words would they be More effective in English of the Respective Countries Language?

1 Answer

you did the right thing to ask this question in the Drop Shippers group. Many people here do not Ds on Amz. Over there you're more likely to get answers.
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