Are there any tricks for VERO? It is clear that we shouln't list big brand etc
But what to do with keywords like "velcro" or "bubble wrap" ? How does it work? Ok. velcro is a spefic word. But bubble wrap doesn't contain anything like that and it is not a brand. I saw some sellers make it like bubble + wrap or bubble+wrap. Does it help? ANd what the point for those(I don't know who they are) submitting claims for words like "velcro" or "bubble wrap". Who\what they are going to protect? LOL
I got listings removed for those keyword already. And I know people wo experienced the same. My lister tries to filter words like "pipe", "knife", "razor". I still list them but I don't feel safe and secure ;)

The other thing I don't understand is the lisitngs which stay on ebay even if it is vero. Authorized dealer? Dropshipper from Israel and all of his items are dropshipped from online retailers.
Just read the list of brands, if you are encroaching on a brand who is one the Vero Program then i would not sell it, if the brand is not on the Vero Program it is likely you can sell it however we can all get a sting now and then if we make a mistake and a company wants to re-gain complete control of a line. also note you can list products in used (if they are used) condition this may not encroach on Vero even if the company is on the Vero list. its never going to be perfect as new compny's go on Vero and old company's drop off vero every week. but its not something many put too much thought into.
just try your best to do the right thing then if they say you did something wrong you can genuinely tell them why you did not know, show your due diligence that the company was not on the vero list at the time of listing. ebay/Am are very fair company's but they don't have time to look into individual circumstances thats why sometimes youll get things you think are unfair.

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Why can't you list big brands? most brands are not on the VERO List anyway, that means they don't care. without re-sellers they are nothing, often they don't have 're-seller' programs in place so rely on re-sellers, if they decide to corner the market on ebay or through a re-seller program they will be added to the list. unless you mean something else?
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