1. Keyword Specific – You want a product with a keyword with less than 100 page results. Remember Amazon is essentially a search engine at the end of the day and the less pages we have to climb through to rank the easier it will be. Page results for keywords is a better barometer for competition than number of reviews.

2. Problem Solving Products – If you’re product solves a direct problem for your customer it will be easier to sell and target people with. Supplements, beauty products, Home Improvement are examples of categories rich with problem solvers – these products will generally be impulse buy type products.

3. Fan Following – Look for products you can build a brand with. You don’t want to be relying on one product, find a product that has complimentary products – either upgrades or variants that can be bundled together. Remember the more you have to offer your customers the higher your average order value will be and the better you will rank. Always think about how you can expand your product list and ways to drive repeat business. Repeat business and a warm audience will help you in the long run.

4. Simple Task Products – Avoid products with too many moving parts such as complicated electronics – there is more room for things to go wrong and a higher rate of customer returns. Look for products that serve one simple purpose that are not too technically advanced.

5. High Value – Low Cost – Typically products that can sell for a higher value without large Amazon fees tend to be the most lucrative. Some of the biggest Private Labellers are in the supplements market – although this is a very competitive niche it’s a very lucrative one. Look for products that can command a high price with a very low handling fee, aside from Supplements the Beauty, Health & Personal Care and even Grocery category offer a range of products that meet this criteria.

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