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It is not a scam, but the correct question should be like: "Does it worth the money and the tools they provide? "

The answer is absolutly no.

it is not a scam .INFINii Revolution Is Here laugh


Infinii offers a real ‘Done-For-You' business based on simply using & sharing our automated eCommerce platform to earn real life changing income online! Amazing! 10 years in...Nothing else compares for the average person looking to build a business online...nothing i've seen thus far!
Infinii is a game changer. The secretes to making massive wealth have all been revealed. Join the team and do not be left out. Action is the only thing that is required of us all. Act now and you will be amazed with the result you get.
I'm so proud of this company and to say I'm a part of this. INFINii will change lives throughout the globe!


 In a few weeks, I'm going to become a member of a other Software and get out of Infinii. I'm not happy with Infinii (DS Domination). I knew nothing about selling online when I joined Infinii. I've asked support at Infinii for a refund and I haven't heard from them in 6 days. I have received no emails nor correspondence from them in any way. I'm going to have to get my bank to stop the payments. Infinii is a straight up scam .

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