Any eBay and PayPal fees calculator to quickly and easily determine fees and profit to be gained or lost from selling on eBay ?

How are you calculating your profit on eBay?I have taken on two shops both making a loss.The error is in the VAT and FEES calculation.

which sites do you use for optimizing your titles and for calculating costs?
Does anyone have a good automated way to calculate profit per transaction (including FVF, ad fees, etc.)?

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Calculate your fees and profit with this simple and free 2018 eBay PayPal fee calculator. Up to date with the latest eBay fee changes. Ebay Dropshipping Calculator

Ok, I find a product that I want to sell, however when I try to sell I am scared because Paypal and eBay fees eats up most of the profits. What are some strategies you all use when selling on ebay. Is this a good calculator to use?

if i want to sell a 204$ item and make 20$ profit should i sell it for 142$ ? that's what the fees calculator but i don't know if i got the settings right.
Regarding the ebay UK fees, what's the percentage you paying for an item sold?
I'm an eBay business store user with the basic store plan. Final value fees I've got to pay for the category are 11% ebay + 3.4%+20p. So I've sold an item and noticed that I've been charged more than 11+3.4=14.4+20p.

So lets say I've sold an item for 59.49.
Ebay Fees: 6.54
PayPal Fees: 2.02+20p=2.20p
Initial charge taken by ebay for an item was 7.85 excluding the paypal fees, which left me guessing where did the other 1.31 go.

Rang up ebay and asked them what happened. I was told that every business store user has to pay 20% VAT, therefore the formula then is 59.49x0.11=6.54
Out of 6.54 they add 20% extra on it:

So turns out you've got to pay final value fees+VAT+paypal fees? Is this what you all pay or there's a way around it? I remember listing an item a month ago and saw an option to charge a certain % of VAT, however can't see it anymore.
I just have a question on how you guys calculate the price you list your items for on eBay. I do not have a tax exempt so thats where I am struggling to figure out how much I should list my items for when my margins will change dependent on the buyers location. Please share how you calculate your price it would be much appreciated
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