Hello anyone here selling in Ebay Australia?
I'm a new seller and i'm not for Australia..but i do sell 10 items so far.I used terapeak to search product idaeas. Is there any other software available for product research? i'm really struggling getting good drop shipper in Australia.In Ebay USA people have a massive advantage of finding product from amazon. In Australia amazon just started. Aliexpress didn't offer free shipping in Australia. So experts can you please suggest me some good dropshippers. This may be direct question people may be don't want to share their suppliers information but any suggestion would really help. Dropshipping Ebay Australia AU .

Do you have some recommendation for dropshipping suppliers i can use for Australia?
I do dropship eBay arbitrage. You use retailer as your suppliers. Research them (same as US except for invoice and packaging. Check there is not advertising on their packaging is a big thing, I watch videos for USA dropshippers and ppl don't seem to mind there that it comes from a retailer but Australians do), also eBay Australia doesn't want you to use Amazon because of the packaging and lol you are giving them business.

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Im in australia and i dropship from suppliers in australia. I offer international postage at an extra $10-20 per item, i get a few international orders a week. Im amazed when someone in the US buys from me when all these things are available in the US so much cheaper. I end up just ordering it from the US for them and the postage becomes extra profit!
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