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just curious how does ebay choose whether u get the 587 tag or not? I mean there are many dropshippers why some tag and why some is not tag?

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How can we we lift this flag?
looks like you were hit with ebay's code 587 flag. Call and ask for the seller performance department and ask them if you have this code on your account
Sell less items for higher profits, or sell more items for lower profit...choose your strategy and eBay will not do anything to you...And again there has been no proof that eBay been reducing dropshippers impressions.

 times wrote to the chat. They told 587 its about Item Location and your reg.address. Is it true?

Ebay sales still hurting (since April)? I am going to throw out my two cents. I've been selling on ebay quite a long time, so I will say I have a good working knowledge of ebay. However, I do not claim to be an expert. You should always check things out yourself. I am just voicing this bit of information, for the good of the group. Agree with it or disagree, makes no difference to me. Ebay has created an internal code they are putting on accounts. "Code 587." If you have had anything go wrong with your account, it might throw up a flag to ebay, and next thing you know, you might have this code open on your account. They are trying to identify people that dropship. In my view, they are absolutely discriminating This code will not restrict your selling limits, rather it will purposely drop your listings in the search results. This will cause your traffic to go way down. If you have noticed a drop in sales, I would sure call ebay, ask for the "seller performance" department, and flat out ask them if you have an internal code 587 open on your account. The ebay rep will be very surprised you know about this code. If it is attached to your account, you will know why your sales have dropped. Good luck trying to get it removed. At this point, you will need to come up with new strategies to sell your items, because ebay will gladly take your money, but they will be purposely trying to hold back your sales. I am top-rated, and I am sticking with ebay, but I have changed all of my titles. I am going after keywords that have very few search results, yet still show sales. I figure how low on the search results can I be, if my keywords only have 100 or so in the search results. Anyway....this is just some info for the good of the group.


Throttled impressions. Nothing new, that has been going on since April periodically. No one knows what triggers eBay algorithm to throttle your impressions, only eBay does (people would pay huge amounts of money to know the algorithm). It is truly sad that they have been doing this, but also understandable from business point of view...

How are your sales doing?

What could you do?

1. Start a new profile

2. List items with very low competition keywords (50 or less competitors for a keyword), so you can not get thrown back in the search results no matter how hard the algorithm tries to. However, this is very time consuming and also there is no guarantee that algorithm will show your items anyway (eBay has stated that to some searchers certain items for a keyword may not even be shown at certain times) ebay error code 73 file exchange error codes 120 99 103 20820 21919262 pricing api

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