When looking at screenshots of sales and results, there's additional information you need to ask about/receive to make informed decisions as to whether or not it's a method you can succeed by following. In no particular order:

1) Proft margin %

2) Amount of time spent on the business

3) Using VAs?

4) What software/tools are being used and cost of those tools (if any)

I'm sure there's more things to consider but there are some of the top things to consider.

Profit Margin:

This needs to be disclosed because some people work on almost break even margins while some work on margins of 20% or more.

$100,000 in sales at 1% profit = $1,000

$20,000 in sales at 5% profit = $1,000

$10,000 in sales at 10% profit = $1,000

etc.... Looking at the above, profit margin is actually more important than $ amount of sales. Sales don't mean anything without knowing the profit margin.

Amount of time spent on the business:

If the person you are looking to follow spends more time on the business than what you are able to commit, odds are you won't get the same results.

Using VAs:

If the person you are looking to follow uses VAs, odds are you'll need them too. This is an additional cost to your business (makes sense if your profits can afford it and also if you're able to scale properly but something to consider).


These things cost money, again increasing the cost to your business. Software is worth having if it can create efficiencies that save you time and help you scale faster, but you need to know the costs so that you can make educated decisions.

Just a few things to think about...

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