Got some VERY interesting information from an eBay representative today.

Background Info: My items ALWAYS get removed for allegedly violating their "Item Location Policy", but then I call in and they fix it after I show them that I am in perfect compliance with it (I put in "United States, Multiple Locations" on all my listings) and they un-suspend my account and let me re-list the item that was flagged.

Today on the phone, the representative told me that since this keeps happing to me, he was putting a PERMANENT NOTE on my account that I always get suspended for "item location" policy violations, and that they are always wrong, because the system keeps falsely flagging me.

He explained to me in detail that that means that whenever I call ebay and they pull up my account, that is the first thing that they will see before anything else. If you have anything you have to call ebay about repeatedly, might be worth asking them to make a permanent note on your account.

Hope this info is useful!

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