I started two days ago Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay and I can say it's "okay" since profits are not always right.

My tips for you

Always be sure to have business licence, I've got an email saying that my account got restricted and I had to call eBay which I did they told me to upload Business license and ID Card and call them back after 30 Minutes my account was opened back. They didn't asked from where I get my products so I was good. So be sure to be on the legal side.

Be sure to upload the tracking IDs right after you get them from you suppliers (Amazon,target, etc) since eBay doesn't like sellers who don't upload the tracking Informations.

Don't DON'T and don't trying gaining seller feedback by buying 1 cent trust me they will f*** your account and your relationship with eBay is broken. Literally broken. Be loyal I sold my first item at 0 Feedback's. Just get a nice Profil picture and add the Terms etc...

That's it guys!

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No need for business license at all to sell on eBay. Maybe, once your profits are high enough and consistent, you could consider getting one. But it's definitely not mandatory. I am incorporated but i do not charge tax, as it's an administrative nightmare. But this costs me about 8% of sales revenues. As long as you neither charge tax nor attempt to collect it as a rebate, you don't need a business license in fact, you are already legally operating as a sole proprietor and a business license is not required at all. It is ONLY when you wish to collect tax for the State bagmen, that you are required by the fascists in power to be clearly identified and trackable.

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