There are many and varied concepts and theories about how to improve your sales, whether online or direct, but the crux as to whether they work or not, is always in the testing, especially on a website! An example of this is shown when if you are selling more than one product or service through your website. Instead of displaying your complete product range on your home page, in a cacophony of color, information and ads popping up all over the place, present just the one item.

It has been found that by offering fewer products in one concentrated area, but with more descriptive product content, greater sales volume was generated. Looking at it objectively, it makes sense. Customers do not want to be confused, whether in a shop or online and they haven‟t got the time or inclination to wade through volumes of products.

How to improve your sales Better marketing means more customers and sales, with greater profit for you, therefore:  Use the advantages given by SEO (Search Engineering Optimization)  Benefit from an on-site SEO and an external SEO  Display various product reviews  Have articles written about the benefits of using your products  Use the publicity gained from Press Releases  Market your products with special promotions and video presentations  Consumers want to know what other people think, so use the Social Networks  Advertise free online with many and varied classified ads sources  Check this informative resource: www.black-lister.com and www.price-fox.com

Sell your products not politics For the average buyer, they want to skip through the various sites at a fast rate of knots and will spot immediately what they are looking for. Looking at a blur of pictures with bits and pieces of information on a website, or in a poorly presented catalogue, can be for many a frustrating task.

You could at a stretch, compare this to the differences between a high class salesperson and a politician. The latter will generally waffle along seemingly pointless while the salesperson will quickly establish your needs, with the right information and create a desire to buy at the right price; result, an order!  

This does not mean that you must only sell one product. Use other web pages to offer them and at the same time, try out different methods of presenting them. This is what selling anything, anywhere to anybody is all about; innovation.

News headlines The first thing that strikes you on a newspaper is the headline, which is the idea and applies equally to a sales letter. It can have a dramatic effect on your sales volume, providing an impact that makes consumers sit up and pay attention to what you have to say. It is the same type of mouse-stopper that immediately stops the surfers and the browsers in their tracks and drags them into your website.

The main criteria for any sales-marketer is to remain focused on their customers, their wants and needs. Whether online product descriptions or in a sales letter, stay focused on your site visitor and remember that the way to success with any sales content is being viewer-friendly!  

Credibility Enhance your credibility and gain customer confidence by outlining your experience and credentials, as well as any other information that helps qualify you as being the best person to meet their requirements.    

This is a feature that can be reinforced by customer testimonials, which should be in the form of genuine excerpts from emails or letters. They should explain how

you and your product/service helped in meeting a particular need and the benefits they received from it. This is more effective than a few words such as, “wow, what a fabulous????”

Successful selling today is high paced, challenging, but it is a profession that has always taken courage and tenacity. Look after your customers and they will look after you!
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