Every business has a business plan of some description and the one you have created, should indicate a structured on line marketing plan for your dropshipping business. Creative, innovative marketing and promotional strategies are a huge influence in the success of your online business. It is through this media that you expand, create customer awareness of your products and open doors to opportunities. 

There are many and different methods of getting your business in front of a potential buying audience. However, they vary in relation to the amount of time needed, labor intensity and their cost effectiveness. It is usual for many businesses to employ a variety of marketing strategies and operate them at the same time, founded on particular requirements and the prevailing circumstances. 

Brand awareness The ultimate goal for your dropshipping business could fall under the heading of brand awareness; in other words, when somebody thinks of a product type you sell; their first thought is to contact your business! Brand awareness, gives you instant recognition, credibility and is a great referral vehicle.

Create an innovative and easily recognizable logo that is placed on every piece of paper or any other medium in which your business is portrayed. This will include: 

 your websites   business cards   stationary  mail signatures  

 brochures  

Direct marketing Direct marketing used to be associated with knocking on the doors of unsuspecting homeowners, or walking into a business and presenting your product. Although this is now a past art, the principle of one-on-one communication and product promotion is still alive and well! 

The enthusiasm you have for your business and products can be a contagious entity and will be noticed in meetings with other business persons in related endeavors. This not only provides you with the opportunity to promote your own enterprise, but also to learn about those of your competitors.

Mutual goals and opportunities Professional business people are highly aware of the need and potential for cooperation. Forming mutually beneficial partnerships in complimenting industries can be an opportunity of gaining customer referrals and creating that much needed, business awareness.  

Discover from the Internet, newspapers and trade magazines, how and where you can attend networking group meetings. At these meetings, introduce yourself; explain your business and why you are different from your competition. It also gives you the opportunity to clarify what you are seeking in the way of business associations. 

Most important people While it is generally worthwhile giving special offers, or handing out free samples or branded merchandise at meetings and events, never forget the most important people in your business venture; your customers! Establishing and developing personal relationships with your customers is regarded as your best form of marketing and promoting your business.

A simple Birthday or Christmas card to a customer, or members of their family, can work wonders. You not only retain their loyalty to you and your business, but they will conduct marketing on your behalf, by promoting your business to everyone they have contact with. This in turn, is a never ending chain of referrals, for you! 

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