There are various advantages to be gained with the dropshipping principle of selling, which include the making it easier for you to offer a wider and more varied range of products to your customers. In addition, you do not need to carry stock items and also you are able to start your business a lot quicker.

Your customers will place their orders online and as the dropshipping retailer, it is then your responsibility to place those orders with the manufacturer of the products, or with their recognized wholesaler or supplier. They will then ship the products directly to your customers. You are not expected to pay the amount due until the customer has paid for their product, which eliminates the need for you to make a substantial financial investment.

Challenges and reliability Creating a name for your business requires some thought and innovation, as does making a decision as to what products you want to sell. However, a particular challenge for anyone starting a dropshipping business, is finding a manufacturer or wholesaler who is reliable and completely trustworthy. Therefore, you would be wise to contact those who have are established and who will ship products to your customers, correctly and promptly. They must also be prepared to provide solutions for any customer service problems, relating to fulfilling the orders.  

One method of tackling this challenge is to approach various manufacturers and wholesalers to determine which one best meets your product needs and operating requirements. Ensure they will accept a dropshipping agreement, for ordering small quantities when needed and negotiate for the best terms and lowest unit cost.

Your shop window Your dropshipping business will be conducted in the highly competitive environment of the Internet. Therefore, your shop window for the products you sell will be your website, which means making it as consumer appealing and userfriendly. Obtain images and pictures from your product manufacturer or wholesaler, or order product samples and take your own pictures. Be sure to include a full description of each one on your site and the correct prices, with any other relevant information.

A shopping cart is a buyer‟s temptation, so add one for your customers to check out and a button for those who wish to purchase by credit card. People like to know who they are dealing with, therefore, an “About” page can give benefits of buying from you. A URL is then needed, or website addresses for your online business, as well as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), who will host your website. When you approach manufacturers and wholesalers, seek their advice regarding your website, as they could provide valuable support.  

Search engines and SEO Once you are satisfied with your website, submit it to various search engines. You want the best possible visibility; therefore, it could benefit you by getting a   

helping hand from a search engine optimizer. They can influence your page rankings, regarding people who are searching for your particular type of products.

How you approach this stage of your business can have a prolonged affect. Getting off to a good start is not only profitable, but extremely motivating and can establish your capabilities and potential, with manufacturers and wholesalers

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