spect that will always be riding with you is research. During the setting-up stage and as you develop your business, this factor is sometimes forgotten, but it is crucial to your success.

Before listing your products on eBay, learn how search results for product seekers are displayed and whether your items will bring the best results with a “Fixed Priced Format” or an “Auction” type listing method. Once the listing is made, you

have the advantage of a “Listing Analytics” app that details your best and not so good product performances.

Market trends and acceptance You control your dropshipping business and can influence the direction it is taking. Successful sellers utilize the tools offered by eBay that will give them an edge in the marketplace. They include analysis, tracking market trends and your related product sales performances. You can fine tune your market presence by researching and understanding the key growth factors that can make a difference and create opportunities for your dropshipping business.     

It could help you with your marketing perspective, if you consider eBay as a reduced website and construct your promotional material in the same way as you would view a successful, commercial website! Creating “View Items Pages” such as those in the online search engines, could provide help for search engines to discover you. This advantage can be enhanced with the use of keywords that relate to your products and would be used in audience searches.

Attract an audience Keep in mind that your dropshipping products are competing with a vast number of other eBay items, all screaming for “Buy Me” attention. How you display your products titles is critical to your marketing strategy and visibility, because it is the influence that is read by the eBay (Google) search engine. Determine the influencing keywords that buyers use, to search for products like yours.  

A well designed and presented should clearly identify your products, sometimes with alternative descriptions. You want your products to be noticed and regarded with confidence, therefore, use brand names whenever possible, with their construction materials if relevant. Greater the volume of information you provide, more traffic will you attract.    

Be smart and professional  Be smart and professional with any promotional and advertising space and take time with the content. Product searchers on eBay do look for keywords such as the popular, “wow”, “awesome” and “really, really” among others!  

Another factor to remain aware of and where that word research applies again, is not to list products that other sellers are listing and which are not selling. Your time is a valuable commodity, so please do not waste it and energy, by trying to promote and sell anything that other sellers, apparently cannot sell!  Ensure the products you do list are in the correct categories and provide the relevant information.

Utilize available resources If you are in any doubt regarding which listing category will bring the best results, use eBay‟s multiple listing facility. It‟s all part of utilizing available resources effectively and efficiently to gain that competitive edge.

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