Like any other sales business, your dropshipping operation relies upon your ability to assess cost benefit analysis. Keep in mind the time span between the purchasing of the product and its delivery to the buyer is of paramount importance. This is critical to your customers‟ happiness. The quicker they receive it, the more likely they will do business with you again.  

It is a common failing, not only in the dropshipping business, but in general, that once the deal is made the sales person usually becomes invisible. Do not do this. If there‟s an issue, let your customer know what is happening with a personalized but simple email, or, even better, a phone call. It is a sales technique that will be appreciated and remembered in the future.

The after-sales comfort zone of dropshipping When a customer buys a dropshipped product from you, they are placing their trust and money in your care. Although you will not be delivering the goods or supporting the product, it is you that the customer is depending on. Poor service is unfortunately commonplace in the fast, quick turnover business world of today. Therefore, do something different and surprise your customers with that extra service.    

You will be surprised at the positive reaction you will receive, even if you are providing information of a delivery delay.

Post-sales communication in dropshipping is not only a support function; it is a means of keeping your name and the products you sell alive. Offer you customer additional and useful information about the product they purchased. This could include answering any questions, documentation, spare parts access and any item of interest related to the product they purchased from you. Business success is contributed to by negotiation. Therefore, don‟t be shy in trying to negotiate with your dropshipping company for a longer „product guarantee‟. This will not only give you advantage over your competitors, but, most importantly, it will offer your customers a post-sales comfort zone in which any doubts they may have about the product, or you, are disposed of efficiently.  

Increase customer base with referrals To grow your dropshipping business, you must expand your customer base and on of the oldest and proven methods of doing this, is by the referral system. Maintaining contact with your customer during the dropshipping procedure is a step in this direction. This emphasized when the delivery is completed and you contact your customer on a follow-up call; it is the time to start the referral procedure.  

Combine any telephonic communication with regular newsletters, or information about new and related products, loyalty discounts and importantly, a personalized form of address.  

Maintaining customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction is your advantage over your dropshipping competitors. Regular customer surveys, conducted at regular intervals, are a method by which you are able to determine satisfaction levels. It provides you with various indications of any failures and also, what you are doing right! It can be conducted online, or to the customer‟s address on your data-base.

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