One of the most critical factors relating to your dropshipping business is selecting the wholesaler that is best for your operation.  

You must at all time keep in mind that your customers will be dealing directly with the dropshipping company because of the contact regarding shipping and any goods returned situations.  It‟s essential that you find an established wholesaler who not only provides high quality products, but has a reputation for efficient and effective customer service and support.

Your starting point For anyone getting ready to launch their online dropshipping business, it is probable that you don‟t have an excessive amount of capital to invest in inventory. Therefore, seek out those dropshipping wholesalers who don‟t impose a minimum purchase order. At the same time, make note that dropshippers usually offer significant discounts on larger orders.

The right choices Somebody once came up with a saying that any publicity is good publicity. In your business of dropshipping, this is as bad as it gets because if you link to a wholesaler who delays shipments, short-supplies products, or takes shortcuts with quality, you‟ll find your customer base shrinking fast.

The right dropshipper If your products can only be effectively and profitably sold by an overseas wholesaler, then make a huge effort with researching their reputation. If you can, try to find one close to home.  

The dropshipper you choose must deliver your products on time, in good condition, and in accordance with established terms that allow you to make a profit on every delivery. You can achieve this by effective control of your budget. In other words, you want the drop-shipper who can provide the best products, at the most affordable prices, with the best customer service and support.

Look for the following qualifications:  

* Their „after-sales product guarantee‟ should give excellent user protection * Determine if they have enough stock to meet customer demands.

Causes and effects in your dropshipping business Once the order from the customer has been received and processed by you, it is then dispatched to the drop-shipper for completion and delivery. This is where you no longer have any control of the situation and why it is critical that you are associated with a wholesaler who fully meets your determined criteria.

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