Favor the big and reliable online wholesalers  

Remember that there are a large variety of dropshippers available. What you have to do is find the one that best serves and suits your business interests! While there is a huge selection on the Internet waiting for you to discover them, a large percentage of them will not meet your expectations.

Your priority ought to be selecting the biggest, established and most reliable wholesalers. One way of doing this, if you have decided on the product(s) you want to sell, is by recommendations from the manufacturer. With this method, you will have assurance that the wholesaler or distributor is authorized and supports the product effectively.14

Wholesaler options There are other options available to you, for instance, a thorough, but in depth search on Google, which could prove a time consuming and frustrating exercise. Another more positive option would be to establish which online dropshipping directories are legitimate, and then access their database.   

With this method you are given the capacity to search a significant number of pre-screened dropshipping companies. By now, you have probably reached the conclusion that this is a business that requires your dedication and some serious common sense if you are to make a success of it!  

Some marketing methods for you To market your products to the largest possible consumer audience, you need to learn and apply some traditional online methods, such as these:


 Keywords are the way to get customers to your website. For example; “Wholesale Electronics” gives you “Electronics” as the keyword, because that is where you want to direct the customer from the first page of Google and other search engine directories.


 Research gives you information on how to make your business a success. Therefore, find and make a list of the most popular dropshippers. See what other people say about them. Remember, this is a competition to win customers, so don‟t just accept everything you read at face value. Some competitors will go to extreme lengths to gain customers from other companies, so make sure your research is thorough and your sources genuine.


 When you have a list of companies you believe are the most suitable, contact them by email.  Make a note of how long they take to respond to you. Is it within 24 hours? Are they polite? Informative? Do they answer all your questions?


 Prepare a list of any questions for which you require information and discuss your proposed business with them, online directly. Determine their attitude towards you, their efficiency and knowledge.


 Contact their customer service and determine their performance towards you. A first class dropshipper realizes that professional customer service is a crucial part of their business and will act accordingly.


 If it is possible for you to visit their premises, do so. If not, place a small order and then check the following:


                              * Delivery time (Good delivery = 1 day: Acceptable = 2 -3 days)

                               * Product quality                             

  * Service effectiveness                  

             * Payment arrangements                 

              * Documentation  


 Find out their social media presence and determine if they update it regularly. Look at customer comments and whether or not the company responds to them.


 View their “New Products” page and see whether they frequently release new products.


The importance of a supplier Finding the right supplier or wholesaler is an essential aspect of dropshipping. You want an association with one who is established and supportive of the product. Keep in mind that if you enter the business of dropshipping with an unreliable wholesaler, do not anticipate being in business for very long.  

Keep in mind that an initial set-up fee and a per order dropshipping fee are normal. It is a means of covering shipping and packaging costs, as well as an obstruction to non-retailers. The fees you must be wary of are recurring fees. Many of the best and reputable dropshippers do not charge any ongoing monthly sums for the privilege of doing business with them.

Some issues that may arise Insist on having a copy of your official resale certificate. Do not be surprised if you are asked for some form of proof of identity by a wholesaler before they begin negotiations with you. This is to determine that you are a retailer and not a consumer.

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Here are some of the suppliers that are dropship friendly and those that are not. 
My recommendation is use Pricefox to check out which stores they track and it will also give you ideas on what stores are out there. Then check to see what feedback others have to say about a specific store and if its dropship friendly.
check out different stores Pricefox tracks and get ideas.


Bed bath and Beyond
Not Dropship Friendly:
Academy sports and outdoors
Home Depot - works well for me when using paypal as payment but Im from US. It wouldn't go through when using credit cards showing billing address problem. Heard international folks cannot use it at all...

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