Although this e-book is about dropshipping as a business strategy in general, and can be used to educate yourself whether you wish to sell clothes, toys, food products, or anything else – its funding comes from Chinavasion, a wholesaler who deal strictly in electronics.

For those who are considering or would consider retailing electronics, Chinavasion is a top notch wholesaler. Here‟s why:

Chinavasion‟s motto is „China Prices, Western Quality‟ – and while it‟s not so hard to find China prices, it‟s the western quality part that can be difficult to obtain. That is why Chinavasion has a quality control team whose job is to visit sourcing locations, find reliable products, and find out the products capabilities for themselves.  

In fact, they do not take the manufacturers‟ claims about products for granted at all – they individually test each specification and write their own report with precise details about each detail for every product that ends up on the website.  Many products are turned down every day because they do not fit the high standards Chinavasion applies to its sourcing. You can be sure that the ones that do pass through this process will do what they say they do, and have the specs that they say they have.

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 I'm a newbie and I've decided I will start dropshipping this year. Can anybody please tell me which dropshipping companies (Chinavasion, Doba, DropshipDirect..) would you recommend and why it's good?
chinavasion ebay dropship review Its based on your source and requirements, If your source from China, ali express, banggood, chinavasion, tmart, chinabrand, gearbest, dhgate. Shop is good. Dhgate, chinavasion, doba.

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