Dropshipping is the retail strategy of the future. With a global economy fueled by E-commerce and world-wide delivery services, people can retail goods from anywhere, to anywhere. Dropshipping makes that possible by putting products into your power even if you don‟t have them in your hand.  

How does it do that? It works by connecting wholesalers with retailer entrepreneurs worldwide. It is a division of labor that shakes the traditional model of – you rent a space, you decorate the space, you buy the products, you open shop, you advertise and hope you can sell all your products before they are outdated and worthless.

With new products being developed in every field faster than ever before, it‟s becoming less and less possible to maintain this business model. For instance, say you sell phones, so you buy 100 of a new model. Over time you sell some, but then the next model comes out and you still have leftover stock. Dropshipping eliminates that risk by taking the stock out of your hands and keep it in the wholesaler‟s until it‟s time to ship to the customer‟s door. All you need to do is open up an online shop, create a relationship with a wholesaler and advertise. No extra staff, no stock, no inventory, etc. There‟s just you, your computer and a relationship with a reliable wholesaler.

Have you ever wanted to go into the online retail business, but didn‟t have the costs for overhead, sourcing research, employees, or shipping operations? Dropshipping is the solution to this situation. Even if you do have start up money, it can be a lucrative and hassle-free business model to follow, and you can spend your money elsewhere, on things such as marketing.  

The internet is filled with illusory solutions to working from home, but dropshipping is not one of them. You can truly work from home because it does not require you to have a physical storefront, an inventory of your own, or a shipping operation.  All of those aspects to the business exist, of course, but they are on wholesaler‟s premises – out of sight,

 out of mind. The clincher then is to find a niche market and a reliable wholesaler for the goods that niche market demands. Your wholesaler needs to not deal in faulty products or make errors in shipping, and your niche market needs to truly be something unique. But if you do this you can make a success of yourself.

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