hi guys,

I wanna start dropshipping with my friends on ebay, I see that there are some differences in dropshipping on sites already exposed like ebay or amazon and making my own store, the first have no cost for advertising and building (the store itself), just the reviews that we already have. On the other hand having an online store and advertising it can make it more know by people and more people would buy it, instead on ebay/amazon I should be lucky that someone sees my products, I can't advertise them.

However, I'm curious, how do you guys organize the business in practical terms? for instance if you have hundreds of products, when you receive an order from a customer, how do you find the correspondant product to dropship, on, say, aliexpress, dx.com etc. ?

other than that, if you guys have other suggestions feel free to tell me, I'm open to advice from people experienced in this field.


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Great question!

If you want to make good money on Amazon you have to

find a good supplier

work hard.

3 market your product good.

The problem with Amazon when it comes to dropshipping is if you order directly from Amazon you have the two day prime shipping option which most consumers would pay more to get their product faster.

You have to find a product that your interested in, that is going to have high profit margin, and that is going add value to the customer’s life.

You have to find a good supplier- that supplier’s product is going to either make or break it.. It has to be a good product so the customer is happy because ultimately they believe the product is coming from you.

Here is a great article that could help you out !

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