Hey all,

I'm a new eBay dropshipper starting with very little income. I learned that PayPal withholds your funds for 21 days until you establish a good selling history, then that withhold period goes away and you get your funds immediately. I'm getting around this by setting my handling time to 21 days and, believe it or not, I'm still getting a few sales.

I started listing items on May 5th, my first sale was on May 11th and the funds were withheld (this was before I knew about it) so I emailed the customer, was straight up, and asked if she'd mind waiting, but she preferred a refund. Then I set my handling time to 21 days and got my second sale on May 25th, the funds were again withheld and will become available on June 15th so I'm waiting to purchase and ship the item. I received my third order on June 9th and my fourth order on June 12th, but with these last two orders the funds were available immediately and I've been able to fulfill them already, even though I still have yet to fulfill the second order.

How come some funds are available immediately even though I have yet to establish a good selling history? Also, will I always have some orders where the funds are withheld or will that withholding period go away after a certain amount of eBay orders? I searched the group for "PayPal withheld funds" and found one post but it didn't answer my question.

Thanks so much!
can i ask you what your selling im new and a lil freaked out no alot freaked ou im glad your doin well congrats also where did you learn this skill set lol

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