Hello everyone
(I am VA)
★ Listing Creation & Optimization (Title Optimization using Popular tool Title-Builder)
★ eBay Product Sourcing/Drop Shipping
★ Competitor Analysis & Market Research
★ eBay Hot Selling Item/Product Research
★ Price Comparison
★ eBay Photo Editing/Retouching
★ eBay Store Design
★ eBay Virtual Assistance
★ eBay Inventory management
★ Adding tracking for eBay orders
★ Basic photo editing & re-sizing
★ Other marketplace & e-Commerce tasks

★ Listing Creation & Optimization
★ Competitor Analysis/Market Research
★ Amazon Drop Shipping
★ Price Comparison
★ Amazon Photo Editing/Retouching


_____________Graphics Design___________
★ Product Photo Background Removal
★ Clipping path
★ Photoshop retouching
★ Drop shadow
★ Mirror effect
★ Image manipulation
★ Image Masking
★ Vector conversion

I look to hearing from you.

you are awesome thank you now how do i get atarted just open a seller account on ebay ? whatvdo you think of amazon ? should i name my store what do you think of shopify and alibaba ?

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What is Price Comparison ?

Hi. I am in London, UK. My name is Neil and I am an Ebay shop beginner. I need a dropshipper and somebody to help me with ebay store set up and running my ebay account please. Do you know how to use DHgate? What is monthly cost of this in US Dollars and what is preferred payment method? , Neil
I have work for you as my eBay dropshipper please? I am in London, UK. Regards, Neil.

Quick question for anyone that has VA's (Virtual Assistant for Ebay) that do ebay customer service: Do you have them just work set schedule each day and if messages come in after their shift they just go unanswered until they start working again? I'm trying to have my VA take over customer service but when their not working I find it hard to just ignore the incoming problems/messages. (time zone differences) Any advice?
Hey everyone :) Is there a VA in here that is an expert in ebay dropshipping bookkeeping??? I would like to hire!
Virtual assistant for ebay listings va .


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