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Mostly because of the imminent eBay’s policies updates and after watching Nahar’s webinar regarding, I’ve decided to work more with the Chinese. These are some thoughts of mine and a mini Chinese suppliers/shipping guide I made for my VAs and I’d like to share with the group. So by no means this is something confirmed or something that I suggest you follow…

Pros & Cons DSping from China (VS Domestic).

First of all, to ship from China gives less ranking and eBay and buyers don’t like it. Except from the obvious reason of late deliveries, there are other bad things: 1. They don’t like the fact that they are “Chinese” (although Amazon is 90% Chinese :-p), 2. There might be problems with customs (each country’s borders) and never reach to the customer, or reach delayed, or for the customers to have to pay extra fees to the customs (especially if the items are expensive), 3. Poor products AND services/shipping quality, equals more return requests, while at the same time we have bad Chinese customer support and “less customer-friendly” suppliers policies, (e.g. returns) and many times these parameters have different rules for each country.

That means more problems for us the sellers: Negative feedbacks, buyers open cases, more time wasted in customer support etc. (And that is the reason why many sellers set high profit margins when they sell from China: so they can just refund a buyer who opens a return request, without having the item returned.)

The main good things are of course the 1. Cheaper prices 2. Unsaturated items 3. Special deals we can close with the supplier, even customizations like bundles or private labeling. (Chinese traders are very open to do anything, at a given price)

So that said, here’s my business policy for Aliexpress that you will use: (see next page)

Of course you can make more policies to accommodate more supplier’s diversions

Any comments/suggestions are welcome. BTW does any of you use Shipping rate tables? Can they be set in a way that they can actually be useful for us dropshippers?
where is the mini guide ?

Does anyone dropship from Aliexpress to Ebay? If so, how do deal with the constant price changes from the supplier (Example: supplier selling an item for $1.99 and five hours later selling it for $2.99 and then changing the price again) for the product that you're trying to dropship? I see that the prices change every few hours and some hours are when I might be asleep and unable to change my price on my Ebay listing according to the price change that my supplier makes. Does anyone know a free automatic repricer tool for Ebay that I can use to change my prices automatically based on what my supplier changes? Like if my supplier adds 50% to their product then the repricer adds 50% to mine so I don't lose money? If anyone is confused by what I'm saying then you can look at the picture I posted, or go to any listing on Aliexpress. I'd appreciate any advice you all can give. Aliexpress Ebay Dropshipping


What's the best listing tool that works well with aliexpress ?? 

Ebay busines dropshipping policy from aliexpress , how to return something on aliexpress from china on ebay shipping policy.

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