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i don't know what is wrong please i need help me check this address and tell me what is the problem.?

i had this order yesterday and have been trying to order form my supplier Target , but it won't just work.

i had it cancelled 4 times yesterday. i talked with 6 different people both live chat and on the phone and they could not find the problem with it.

Today i have to asked them to place the order on my behave which they did. I just receive a mail saying that the order have been cancelled again.

please i double check the address with the buyer through email.

Now i have no solution the product is expensive on Amazon is the equivalent of my listing price , more over Amazon is the only supplier who have similar.

Can someone kindly advice me here please ? Ok refund should be the last options, i have had 4 sales so far with one refund among the first 3. now i don't want this to be the 2nd one.

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