Hi guys, new to this group. I'm trying to sell my Aliexpress Dropshipping store.

I hope it is allow to post about that, I couldn't find anything that says otherwise but please let me know if it is not.

I'm selling a 9 month old Aliexpress store. Please PM me if interested, or comment below if you have any questions.


-Total revenue: ~150k

-Profit margin: 31% (After all costs)

-Number of orders: ~ 6,800

-Email list: ~ 8,500

CRM/Customer service/fulfillment

-Email Automation with Klaviyo, fully ready: Post Purchase flows (8 emails) , abandon cart (6 emails), tracking info email, Gift card winners (3 emails). I haven't fully exploited manual email campaigns

-Customer service: fully outsource for 3$/h to Pakistan

-Order placement with Droppified


-90% IG influencers, facebook just for retargeting a few tests (So facebook audience is virtually untouched)


-Zipify OCU (A lot room for improvement here but has worked pretty well)

-Premium Theme

Price includes:

-All the above

-Organized folder with all ads used

-A full list with all influencers and a influencer calendar

-I would personally introduce you to the influencers and ask them to keep working with you for the same low prices)

-Phone number, WeChat of the 3 main suppliers

-Financial Statements

-Many customer pictures

-About 9-10 Pages build with PageFly (About us, FAQ, etc)

-Email Account

-IG account

-Facebook Page


-Ad account

-3 Days of training (If you need it)

Please comment below if you are really interested, don't just ask for URL.

I can draft the contract in 1-2 business days, we need to jump into a Skype at least once before completing the sale

I'm selling a 9 month old Aliexpress store. Pch those are the numbers and the store makes money. However, this is NOT a printing money machine, you have to put work on it (communicate with influencers, create posts, add new products every 3-4 weeks).

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