1 - after how many days money will be in my card?

2 - Will I also pay bank account bills or just Payoneer

 MasterCard fees?

3 - Can I still use card if card is not arrived to me physically?

4 - Can I use this card for paying money to any platform (like Amazon, Walmart)

2 Answers

Non USA-based dropshippers, this question is for you as its been ringing in my head for years.
How do you reduce your foreign currency exchange costs?
The situation is, buyer pays via Paypal, i withdraw funds collectively to my bank (Lousy FX by bank), then I pay my suppliers in usd using my local credit card (again, lousy FX). So its double whammy. I lose about 7-12% of my sales revenue because of this.
I tried Payoneer and payoneer debit. Mathematically, its slightly cheaper than paypal by afew cents - credit card. But, i lose out on my credit card points and air miles.
Anyone uses a Payoneer alternative? Most of its competitors that I checked requires a USA ID and address.
I tried (once again) connecting my Payoneer account with Paypal (since some members mentioned it can be done). As expected the automated process won't allow me to use the Payoneer's Global Payment Service for USD (First Century Bank) so I sent an email to Paypal, asking for a manual intervention. After a few saved replies on how to add a bank account to Paypal,

You can add the Payoneer card to your PayPal account. Most of the times reject your request because Payoneer is a prepaid card and that not allowed in PayPal. So, you must to tell them when you call that "I would like to connect my US account to my Paypal account". Nothing more, nothing else. Also it's depending that on every agent. Sometimes again reject, sometimes not. Try to call them man times until you connect ur Payoneer card. Don't refer any word for Payoneer. Just the US account. Then when you finish with that, write in your post the reply! Link payoneer to paypal 2018

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