How to send an item from Walmart?

The changed the list settings...

I cannot find the sand as gift option

What do I do?
Can some explain how to drop ship from Walmart? Like no invoice or receipt.
How to make a gift order at dropshipping walmart to ebay?

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you can either create a registry or list and add your product there then purchase it from there

honestly i wouldnt worry to much about making it a gift. I have sold thousands of walmart products without caring about prices shown and havent had problems...

i hear even doing it through registry or list people have seen walmart to still show prices so I dont worry about it.
Hi guys when adding items to a gift registry on walmart will the package still include the walmart logo on it ?
anybody have a good video for marking walmart item as gift? I know you have to set either to list or registry but i feel like im missing something. dont want to risk having price shown. and do people use jet as a supplier? if so how do i mark as gift

I have one question about drop from walmart
it's safe drop some product if the gift option not available ??
How can you guys choose gift option when fulfilling Walmart orders ?
How can send a product from Walmart as a gift option

there’s no gift option in Walmart in case u r not aware. U can either add d item in d list or registry n order it from there. In any case there’s no need to stress over d invoice if it’s added in d package as u can always explain to yr customer if they ask abt d price difference.
How can I see gift option in walmart when buying item, because I don't want my customer to see the price.
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