how to refresh rss feed on ebay?
I was informed by eBay that this feature was discontinued in June of this year.

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Go here to turn RSS Feeds on and off in ebay: http://ebay.to/2aRs7AE

It's recommended to utilize RSS feeds on a regular basis, preferably on a Sunday evening before you go to bed turn it off(or deactivate) and hit apply, and then when you wake up Monday morning turn it back on(activate) and hit apply. eBay RSS Feed only refreshes your first one hundred listings. *** If you are following the training, you are putting up new listings daily; eBay considers your first one hundred listings to be those one hundred that are ending soonest.

You can also sign up to Bayfeeds for free for over the 100 listings

Now you can index all these links in the Google Indexing Tool as well once a week, you will be amazed how your traffic will increase which will turn into more sales.


It basically resets your listings to be fresh again. There is more after, but that can be later in time, I don’t want to get everyone off track of the blueprint.

What do we do with the Google Indexing Tool?

In Google indexing tool, you take your username URL and store URL (if have one) and copy the URL and paste where Google Indexing Tool says to, check you are not a robot and hit submit. Index your URLs 2 times a month. it actually will be your items URL which looks like http://www.ebay.com/sch/whateveryourusernameis/m.html? You need to be logged into your gmail account and then go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?pli=1 *** You can use the Google Indexing Tool even if you don’t have a store, just use your “items URL”.

What about Bayfeeds?

When you log into Bayfeeds and connect your eBay, on the home page, scroll down where it says "Links" the first under that says A Link To Your eBay Listings Page.

This is a link to a page of all your listings on eBay. It is an easy way to send people to your listings page is what you will index

how to refresh rss feed on ebay
I'll try to explain as best as can. What we do on eBay is called On Page SEO, which is good keyword phrasing in title, using those keywords and relevant keywords in adding own item specifics and using throughout the description. The Off Line SEO is what we do not need to do, which is backlinking and creating the "spoke wheel" to generate more traffic. When we submit a listing to eBay, they actually do that backlinking and syndication as well as indexing that listimng. It is wise to turn off/on your stores RSS feeds once a week for 24 hours to refresh your latest 100 listings. You should also index your store url in google indexing every 14-21 days. Even though turning RSS feeds on and off and indexing your store url is Off Line SEO, it helps to refresh your store being eBay indexing to google alot of sellers and your may not get indexed in reality for over 3 weeks.
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Also I was told to turn the RSS feed on in your store it helps the keywords get picked up by google, have you heard of this. Some new stores don't have this function . How to refresh rss feed on ebay or reset ebay listings feed generator is my ebay store url . 

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Also I was told to turn the RSS feed on in your store it helps the keywords get picked up by google, have you heard of this. Some new stores don't have this function. RSS Search shop 2018 .Gone refresh and make a eBay store marketing using an RSS feed .

eBay no longer have the RSS Feeds option due to new privacy standards under GDRP. Bayfeeds no longer are accepted by google either.
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