Especially people that use Amazon as supplier, they don't know where they'll ship from. So, what item locations should we use?

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Many dropshippers use “various locations” for listing location, but this is typically not allowed by eBay.
Additionally, Cassini, eBay's algorithm, will rank your item also based on it's location in relation to the customer.
So if you set invalid item location, you will lose this boost.
What I do for Amazon listings, is selecting a random USA location, preferably in the middle of the country or to a place with a of potential customers.
For other suppliers you can also find their warehouse return address and set this.
Here are eBay's.co.uk policies regarding:
Item location misrepresentation:

When a buyer purchases an item, they expect it to be shipped from the item location included in the listing. Including false, inaccurate, vague, or misleading item location information may lead to confusion around delivery time and shipping costs.

What to do

Include accurate item location descriptions. The city and state, or city and country should match appropriately.

For example:
Hong Kong, China
Sydney, Australia
Omaha, Nebraska, United States

What not to do

Provide incorrect or inaccurate item location

State 'U.S.' when the item is actually being shipped from China

Include inaccurate, vague, or misleading item location descriptions, such as:
Beijing, United Kingdom

Hong Kong, United Kingdom

Worldwide, Singapore

Direct from manufacturer to, United States

Somewhere in Florida, United States

Include item location information in the item description that doesn't match the information in the item location field

Include inconsistent information in your return policy around the item location which may result in higher return costs or confusion for buyers

I received an e-mail from ebay :

"We've determined that some of your listings haven't followed our Item location misrepresentation policy. Therefore, we had to take the following actions:

- Listings that didn't follow our policies have been removed. A list of removed item(s) is available further down in this email.

- We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).

We noticed a mismatch between the item location you used in your listing and the tracking details associated with shipping this item.

When a buyer purchases an item, they expect it to be shipped from the location stated in your listing. If this information isn’t accurate, it can lead to confusion over delivery times and shipping costs, as well as questions about where the item was manufactured.

Please update the Item Location field and any references to the item's location in the description of your listings so that they're accurate."

And see they have removed my some of best seller items.

I am working from amazon to ebay. So how can i manage this position guys?Background Info: My items ALWAYS get removed for allegedly violating their "Item Location Policy", but then I call in and they fix it after I show them that I am in perfect compliance with it (I put in "United States, Multiple Locations" on all my listings) and they un-suspend my account and let me re-list the item that was flagged.Today on the phone, the representative told me that since this keeps happing to me, he was putting a PERMANENT NOTE on my account that I always get suspended for "item location" policy violations, and that they are always wrong, because the system keeps falsely flagging me.He explained to me in detail that that means that whenever I call ebay and they pull up my account, that is the first thing that they will see before anything else. If you have anything you have to call ebay about repeatedly, might be worth asking them to make a permanent note on your account.


 This "Item Location Misrepresentation" issue is one of the things we discussed back in May with some high-up eBay employees. This is one of the subtle changes the 4/19 update seemed to include.
We drop ship from legit wholesale suppliers and one of our biggest suppliers has two warehouses. Which warehouse the item ships from is determined by where the order is shipping to and which warehouse(s) have the item(s) in stock. So, there is no reliable way to know the origin zip code until after the order is placed.
As we had seen a small, but significant, drop in sales and traffic after the 4/19 update as many others did. We spent hours on the phone with eBay trying to get an answer on how to handle this scenario. The short version of the story is nobody could give a definitive answer on what the best approach is.
But, they did say that this "Item Location Misrepresentation" issue is specifically one of the reasons our sales and traffic, as many others, were down. As well as, the reason for this is the fact that without an accurate origin location eBay's estimates for delivery times is not as accurate as desired.
It is interesting they have actually taken action with this 'issue' and removed listings. I have a feeling there is going to be more of these emails going out. I wonder if this 'issue' will soon show up in the new seller metrics they will be rolling out later this year.
Ebay seller lied about item shipped from different location misrepresentation postcode. how to change set item location on ebay listing drop shipping policy

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