Cash back sites work out agreements with retailers to get paid for sending extra business to the retailer. Every time you use the Cash Back link or portal to get to the retailer’s site, the Cash Back Portal earns commissions. They share the earnings with us.

    Sign up for the cash back sites first. Then add the extension & allow the button to be added next to your address bar.

    Remember to click the cash back buttons before you use any of the following sites for more cash back earnings. Sometimes they just pop up automatically.

    Check all cash back sites for coupons, too.  

    Look for NEW customer coupons for $5 and $10 off your first purchase as most of these sites offer this incentive.

    Cash back sites will sometimes offer promotions  with bigger savings.

Giving Assistant  




You just download the extension and whenever you go to a website like Walmart or Raise or other retailers, a window pops up showing the cash back discount % (when you add the extension to your toolbar). You click it and when you make a purchase, it gives you the credit. It also gives some of their profits to charity.

Sometimes the discount is different with each cash back site.

If your computer does not let you add the extension, then you would have to go to the site.  But the buttons work great and give you a lot of cash back and coupon information. All of the cash back sites have an extension you can add.

Mr.Rebates To get a cash back rebate, click on your desired store link and make your purchase in that same click session. Your click-through from Mr. Rebates activates a code in the store's shopping cart that will make sure that you are credited with the rebate.

Each order from a participating store requires a unique click-through from Mr. Rebates. If you are making multiple orders then make sure you have a separate store click for each corresponding order.

Please note that rebates do not show up in a store's shopping cart. Rebates are credited a few days later in your Mr. Rebates' account.


Raise is a gift card marketplace. You can BUY discounted gift cards to use for your purchases at many stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, Target and more. You can also SELL unwanted gift cards for the price you choose.

You can refer friends and for every person you refer who makes a purchase, $5 will be added to your Raise Account. Note that sometimes you may not be able to use both the rewards and other promotions together.  

Cardpool is like Raise where you can purchase gift cards. If you invite friends, look in your account or profile to get your referral link and give to those you invite to get cash back and $5 reward.


You can purchase discounted gift card through cash back sites using a credit card like Amex Delta Sky miles. Then payoff the credit card daily so no interest is accrued.

This transaction earns sky miles, as well as cash back from the cash back site.

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