After spending over 5.5 hours on the phone with eBay the last in the past week. I've talked to 4 selling specialists and 2 of their supervisors. I've also talked with 3 trust and safety team members and 2 of their supervisors.

We've been trying to get some clarification on the recent changes and how we can comply with the policy and site changes.

For a bit of background, we no longer do any RA drop shipping (ie. Amazon, Walmart, etc.). But, instead we use wholesale suppliers with drop shipping agreements, you know, real drop shipping. And, yes, after April 19th we did see a decline in traffic and sales on some accounts as many other sellers did whether RA or not.

So, I thought I would share some of what I've found and the things that apparently will effect your search rankings. Some of these already did but apparently after the change they may effect your ranking more than before.

1.) Verified US Address: If you do not have a verifiable address in the US for your account it may be restricted and search ranking may be punished.

2.) VeRO violations: The impact of VeRO take downs apparently has a greater effect on search ranking than in the past. Specifically it seems they lower your ranking and take longer to drop off / reset compared to previously.

3.) Item Location Misrepresentation: This is the big change apparently. As some have been speculating, this it seems is how many are getting their search ranking lowered. If the location on the listing does not match the origin scan of the tracking this is considered Item Location Misrepresentation and can effect your search ranking.

The problem with #3 as I'm sure many of you will understand is where the item ships from can be different depending upon the buyer location for some suppliers. We have this exact issue with one of our largest suppliers who has a warehouse in NV and another in NC. If the item is in stock at both warehouses the item will ship from which ever is closest to the buyer. As such, determining what location to put when listing is not really feasible when the location depends upon who buys it.

So, we have been trying to get some direction and clarification specifically on this issue. And, so far, none of the representatives or supervisors we spoke to can provide it. We are waiting on follow up with some higher up eBay execs we have reached out to via other channels.

We plan to keep on trying to get clarification and direction on this issue. But, it seems, nobody yet has been able to provide it. So, as of now, it seems if you cannot match the listing location with the tracking origin you may be punished.

It has been a frustrating and insightful few days working through the eBay minions. We have even tried to get some direction on if eBay will offer some way for us to verify we have 3rd party agreements with suppliers as their TOS recently changed to indicate is required. But, nobody has a clue on this issue either.

Again, this is all speculation really. As who the fuck really knows what is going on inside eBay. But, I can tell you we will continue to try and find answers and direction on how and when search ranking will be effected by selling practices.

Ebay seller lied about item shipped from different location misrepresentation postcode.

I received an e-mail from ebay :
"We've determined that some of your listings haven't followed our Item location misrepresentation policy. Therefore, we had to take the following actions:
- Listings that didn't follow our policies have been removed. A list of removed item(s) is available further down in this email.
- We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).

We noticed a mismatch between the item location you used in your listing and the tracking details associated with shipping this item.

When a buyer purchases an item, they expect it to be shipped from the location stated in your listing. If this information isn’t accurate, it can lead to confusion over delivery times and shipping costs, as well as questions about where the item was manufactured.

Please update the Item Location field and any references to the item's location in the description of your listings so that they're accurate."

And see they have removed my some of best seller items.

I am working from amazon to ebay. So how can i manage this position guys?
Hey everyone!!! Yesterday i recived this message whe i was trying to list a product someone can help me to know what happens and how can i fix??? Im in spain and i trying to sell un ebay US.

"Validation result: Warning

Total eBay Fee: £0

eBay Warnings:
Item Location!
Please be aware that in accordance with eBay's Item Location Misrepresentation policy, sellers must accurately describe the location from which their item will be sent in the item location field. False, inaccurate or misleading information about the postage location of an item is not allowed on eBay. If you wish to read eBay's Item Location Misrepresentation policy, please click here."
How do you change it to "united states, multiple locations"?
It's asking me to put in a country, zip code, and location (city, state). Would i leave the zip code blank, and have the location say "multiple locations" in stead of the city? Thanks for your answer earlier too you were much help!

1 Answer

Got some VERY interesting information from an eBay representative today.

Background Info: My items ALWAYS get removed for allegedly violating their "Item Location Policy", but then I call in and they fix it after I show them that I am in perfect compliance with it (I put in "United States, Multiple Locations" on all my listings) and they un-suspend my account and let me re-list the item that was flagged.

Today on the phone, the representative told me that since this keeps happing to me, he was putting a PERMANENT NOTE on my account that I always get suspended for "item location" policy violations, and that they are always wrong, because the system keeps falsely flagging me.

He explained to me in detail that that means that whenever I call ebay and they pull up my account, that is the first thing that they will see before anything else. If you have anything you have to call ebay about repeatedly, might be worth asking them to make a permanent note on your account.

Hope this info is useful!
How do you change it to "united states, multiple locations"?
It's asking me to put in a country, zip code, and location (city, state). Would i leave the zip code blank, and have the location say "multiple locations" in stead of the city? Thanks for your answer earlier too you were much help!
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