How can I get a virtual address and a virtual phone number for creating a new USA eBay account?
You don't need to sign up for a virtual address for LLC, you are basically using the agent's address for the registration. He incorporates the LLC in the state using his business address.
Thanks for all your help members. You save me a lot of searching. As a return, I would like to provide you with my progress and to learn from it. As I start registering for an LLC, I notice that after the LLC approved registration I need to submit my 2017 annual report due 1 January 2018. As I don't expect to make a huge revenue and profit, I decided to postponed my LLC registration until the next year 2018. When you register you can enter your LLC effective date, which can be 90 days after registration submission

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As far as you have a virtual address you MUST have as best option to access the account from the same geo location. I would advise to have a good VPN (rare) our a dedicated virtual server and ip from US too
google "virtual business address" and you will get the results. The thing is I am not sure, when you will need to verify with US paypal if you would be able to provide them the sufficient documents of your business address
, I'm starting a process to form a LLC in the U.S. I understood that by doing so I will be eligible to open a U.S paypal account (I am not a U.S resident). For that I need a business address in the U.S, with proper documentation as paypal will require that, therefore a virtual address will not be a good solution. Does anyone have experience with this?
Get a US virtual address and get ur payoneer card shipped to that address. You can use that address as billing address for all the transactions in future as well
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