Customer claims he didn't receive the package, Amazon tracking says that it was handed to a resident . The shipping was by Amz logistics USA .

Will eBay accept the amazon tracking number?

I don't know, but in this case you better select standard shipping NOT 2-days shipping to avoid amazon logistics and the package will be sent via UPS or USPS or Fedex with a valid tracking number that eBay can validate
So buyer opened a case that he didnt receive an item, but in amazon page i can see it was delivered like 5 days ago, but of course, it was sent by amazon logistics, so ebay doesnt aprove the tracking.

Soo, is there any way around this, like providing ebay with pictures, or every time this happens you automatically lost?

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My trick that i've used that works so far. I find the address on google maps and go to street view. I do a screenshot of the house close up then add that image along with the delivery picture from AZ to a message to the buyer. first be sure they look like the same background. Just nicely make them aware that although I don't have tracking, the delivery agents show proof of delivery with these images and I will submit them to eBay for evidence. So far they have backed off. If there really is an issue they'll probably contact you. If they proceed, submit the evidence to eBay and see what happens. I can't tell you at this point if it works for eBay because none of mine have made it this far.
he easiest thing to do is contact Amazon and say you have not received the item even though tracking shows as delivered.

They will then offer a replacement or refund. Choose refund and then refund the buyer.

Then ask for a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience. Sometimes they put a £3 credit on your account.

Try it and let me know how you get on. 100% success rate so far. No reason for it to fail. Pm me if you want more info regarding this.

Have done this many times.
Amazon provides different tracking numbers, those by USPS, UPS, FedEx and so are scanned and validated by eBay, for Amazon Shipping Carrier which is AMZL US, No, eBay doesn't recognize it as a valid tracking number but you have no choice, you just upload that tracking on order page and in carrier name write A Logistics
I lost 300.00 US Dollars because of Amazon Logistics shipping. A scammer claimed he didn't receive the item and I lost the paypal claim because they couldn't verify shipping.
Yeah, that's a good idea to contact Amazon and tell them the package was not received to see if they will offer a refund. I always upload the tracking numbers (Amazon, UPS, USPS, FedEx) to both eBay and PayPal to make sure I'm covered in case a claim is opened for a package not received.
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